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Call the bluff of Westminster on Currency Union by declaring a new Scottish Currency

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Shortly before 18th September we ask Alex Salmond to declare that Scotland will have its own currency, & immediately sell options on bonds.

We expect the £UK to fall instantly, showing voters that Westminster and other nyaffs have been lying about a Currency Union not being in the UKrump's interest; nullifying that propaganda and boosting the Yes vote.

We expect an Independent, debt free, oil rich and highly educated Scotland with an exporting economy to be in much better financial shape than UKrump, and a more attractive option to investors; any lending from the markets will be at a much lower interest rate than UKrump.

A mix of options on bonds will show the money market's appetite for Scottish Government bonds when Yes wins, and scotch the skunners' nonsense that Scotland will be regarded as having "defaulted" on UK Treasury debt.

If there is a high demand for bonds then an Independent Scotland should walk away from the £UK and UK Treasury debt, and create a new currency of its own.
If there is low demand then it simply shows that with a plummeting £UK a Currency Union is in both parties interests.
If everyone runs away screaming from these bonds then we look like knumpties, but we have confidence in the people and economy of Scotland to laugh in the faces of those who would predict that.

We consider the legal technicalities of bond issuance trifling and can be summed up as; if it's in the separation document its sorted.

Independence requires the backbone to put up or shut up, we believe that actions nearly identical to this must be taken in negotiation anyway come the vote for Yes. Crytalising this before the referendum demonstrates that backbone plus hard-headed intelligence.

Whatever the permutations, we expect the result to give a boost for the Yes vote, and when Yes win, to put Scotland in a stronger negotiating position on 19th September.

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