Impeach California Governor Jerry Brown

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Jerry Brown is unfit to run a state, especially one as big as California. He has made that clear for over six years. His latest stunt of introducing a gas tax because the Democratic Party is wasting all the other money they have is absurd. We can get the train rolling if we get enough signatures. According to the California constitution if there is a certain number of signatures the Secretary of State is required to start the process without even having to see why. 


(a) Recall of a state officer is initiated by delivering to the Secretary of State a petition alleging reason for recall. Sufficiency of reason is not reviewable. Proponents have 160 days to file signed petitions.
(b) A petition to recall a statewide officer must be signed by electors equal in number to 12 percent of the last vote for the office, with signatures from each of 5 counties equal in number to 1 percent of the last vote for the office in the county. Signatures to recall Senators, members of the Assembly, members of the Board of Equalization, and judges of courts of appeal and trial courts must equal in number 20 percent of the last vote for the office.
(c) The Secretary of State shall maintain a continuous count of the signatures certified to that office.
(Sec. 14 added June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976, and Res.Ch. 24, Amdt. 3.)


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