Tell British Airways to offer alternatives to plastic bottled water onboard!

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I flew with British Airways last week and was horrified to discover that they don't have any alternative to plastic bottled water for their passengers.

I made a commitment this year to not use any single use plastic bottles or coffee cups. A commitment which has been surprisingly easy to keep (seriously, invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee cup and it's so easy to make this change!), until I boarded a flight with British Airways last week. I had my reusable water bottle with me, but when I asked where I could access drinkable water, was told I would be going thirsty if I didn't accept the plastic bottles offered.

Having conducted some research it seems that all airlines are operating to much the same model, and this is simply not acceptable.

Please sign this petition which will be presented to CEO Alex Cruz for review with his board of directors. If we can get British Airways to make this change it will make news and force other airlines to follow in their footsteps!