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Cat Lovers: Fight to Label Lilies as Lethal! #LabelLiliesLethal

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Please help fight to have lilies labelled as lethal to stop more devastating deaths of our feline friends.

No one knows which part of the lily is poisonous and quite why or how it causes such devastating problems for cats, but we know that any contact with lilies can cause a fatal kidney failure.

I am starting this petition to raise awareness that lilies are lethal to cats and make it mandatory for retailers of lilies to very clearly label them as such. Many retailers do already include a small written warning on the labels but this is easy to miss and not enough. This should also include garden centres & nurseries who sell the plant, cat owners would avoid planting this beautiful but lethal plant if they were aware. Also encourage Veterinary surgeries to display warning posters as to the dangers.

Please sign the petition and spread the word to all cat owners you know: really if you have a cat you shouldn't have cut lilies in the house or growing in your garden. It is time to take action!

Lilies are among one of the most common flowers sold in the UK. They are also toxic and fatal to the most common pet in the UK: cats. They are so lethal to cats that even just a cat brushing past a lily and catching some pollen on its fur and then licking it off will shut down a cat's kidneys.

Two weeks ago we sadly lost our beloved cat, Loki, who died after ingesting lily pollen, which proved fatal. We were devastated and we can only think he came into contact with this after wandering into someone's garden or house where these grew or were in a vase.

As a cat owner for many years, I was angry and upset that I was not aware of the toxic dangers of these plants. Having undertaken some research, I discovered many more sad incidents like our own, leaving grieving owners and remaining felines without their siblings or companions.

Like me, many cat owners may be unaware of the dangers and awareness needs to be raised and action taken. I did find one petition from 2016 on this topic which failed to generate enough signatures and publicity, so PLEASE help me change that and create a successful campaign today which will effect change and potentially save the lives of other cats.


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