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Amend Chicago's pedicab ordinance

The ordinance regulating pedicabs (bicycle taxis) passed last year by Chicago's City Council has had a devastating effect on the industry.  Only 23 of an estimated 200 pedicabs have registered with the city.  Most operators have quit the business or moved to other locations.

The problem is that the ordinance prohibits the operation of pedicabs on both Michigan Av. and State St., between Congress Pkwy (500 S.) and Oak St. (1000 N.)  at all times, as well as anywhere within the Loop during rush hour (7am-9am and 4pm-6pm, Mon-Fri).

These are the most profitable areas to work and the destination of many passengers.  Michigan Av. and State St. are iconic streets often showcased on tours.  Navigating the largely one-way street grid without use of these streets is virtually impossible. 

In addition, pedicab operators were suddenly required to have held a driver's license for the past year in order to obtain a "pedicab chauffeur's license".  Applicants may have held a driver's license for decades, but any lapse within the last year --even a few days-- disqualifies them.  Many skilled operators who are car-free, previously having no need for a driver's license, have been put out off work.

Please help us amend the ordinance to remove the bans, the one year driver's license requirement and to reduce the severity of the fines & penalties (as high as $5,000!).


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  • Alderman Tom Tunney, 44th Ward

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