Albion Students for Building Repairs and Fee Reform

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We, the students of Albion College, petition the Albion College administration to meet the housing needs of their students. In some residential spaces, basic health and safety requirements are not being met, and this is unacceptable.

Albion College students demand that Albion College allocate funds to clean all vents on campus, as many students have reported mold in showers and in their air vents. Students further demand that housing spaces be cleaned thoroughly between academic years and between semesters. This is to ensure a clean environment for students that are moving into a new residential space. Furthermore, students would like facilities to put trash bins in all residential hall entrances and in staircases to ensure buildings remain clean.

Albion College students demand that pre-existing damages be fixed and not charged to their accounts, and if they cannot be fixed, that damages are cataloged so that future occupants are not fined. Additionally, fees need to be reasonable and in accordance with the price of the required labor and supplies.

Furthermore, Albion College students demand that the college invest in more senior housing (non-dormitory style), as the campus grows in population. This will better strengthen our connection to the Albion community and offer more options of living arrangements for senior students.