Stop the Alberta SPCA from shipping 70 seized minis to auction

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Recently, 70 miniature horses have been seized by the Alberta SPCA. The Alberta  SPCA has hastily decided to ship these minis to auction. Their fate? In all likelihood, they will be shipped for slaughter.  This completely contradicts the SPCA's core values and beliefs. These minis will NOT be free from stess, they will NOT be free from discomfort, and they will likely suffer pain in some form or another during transport or at the slaughter plant.  It the Alberta SPCA's job to protect animals, not rip them out of one neglectful situation and throw them into another.

I feel these minis should be given a chance at finding new homes.  The SPCA has an obligation to first try to track down previous owners, rehome them, find them foster homes or find a rescue that can take them until homes can be found.  The Alberta SPCA hasn't attempted any one of these things.  How do I know?  Not enough time has passed since their seizure.    

Help give these animals more time to find loving homes. Or at the very least, insist the Alberta SPCA humanely euthanize these animals. Sign this petition.