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Preston Lochead was a son, a brother, a father, a husband, an uncle, a nephew, a grandson, a cousin, a friend, a HUMAN WITH RIGHTS. At the age of 36, those rights were taken away from him by the hands of a killer, assisted by Medical Examiner Evan Matshes, Alberta Justice and the Government of Alberta.

On November 20th, 2010, Preston was living in Airdrie, Alberta. He went to the store, and there was a vehicle broke down with 2 occupants. It was freezing cold that night, so he went to help them out and brought the two strangers back to his house to get warm and offered them some drinks. As the night went on his wife and roommate went to bed while Preston stayed up with the strangers. The following morning Preston's roommate got up and found Preston laying on the floor dead with the table overturned – it was obvious there had been an altercation; as the roommate called 911 the stranger was in the hall - looked at him and ran out the door while being asked to stay.

For 9 years we, the family, were told that his cause of death was heart disease. We knew deep in our hearts that this was not right, but the medical examiner Evan Matshes said that's what it was. In 2012 Evan Matshes work was reviewed by a panel of 3 expert forensic pathologists and 14 cases were found to have incorrect rulings, including Preston’s case. This panel determined that homicide was the likely cause, not heart disease.

It was clearly seen that Preston died from blunt force trauma and strangulation. At the request of Evan Matshes this review was dismissed and buried, as he complained that he was not properly consulted during the review process. There was an immediate request from the panel of examiners that a further review be completed – this was ignored by Alberta Justice. The findings were never presented to the Airdrie RCMP to pursue charges – the killer was released and never held accountable. The Alberta Justice Minister is now saying that the information is Inconsequential ~ well maybe to him it is ~ but to the Friends and Family of Preston, we want justice as he was a Human.

Please take the time to watch the documentary done by The Fifth Estate called "The Autopsy" parts 1 and 2 (available on YouTube) and CBCgem. Please sign the petition to get the case reopened and get justice for Preston.

Sincerely Friends and Family of Preston Lochead