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Don't murder Niko

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This is an appeal to save a sweet, misunderstood Staffordshire terrier named Niko. The Albemarle court has ordered his unnecessary murder and I can't let this happen. 


Niko has been forced to stay in a tiny kennel at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA for 2 years. He's not allowed to go out unless his owners come and take him out. Employees at the shelter can't take him out without them there, or else we definitely would have. But he's been stuck in his tiny kennel for 2 years with hardly any human contact minus the workers sticking their fingers through the cage to pet him. 


He just wants love. Whenever I would sit down and pet him through the cage, he would fall asleep against the metal wiring. If I had to go and do some work, he would start crying as soon as I got up. He would cry every time somebody walked by his kennel because he's so deprived of full human contact. 


He got out on me once and did try and attack a dog, but I pulled him back by his collar back to his kennel. We are talking about a strong dog here. He could've turned on me and seriously injured me, but he didn't even growl. He didn't try and attack me for pulling him away. All this dog needs is to be the only animal in a house. That's it. It's not much to ask for, but the court is instead demanding his murder. 


This dog dog is a sweetheart. He doesn't deserve to be murdered. I hesitate to use the word euthanised because that's too easy. That's too pleasant sounding. The court wants this dog MURDERED. For doing what any number of predators could do to an outdoor cat (the reason he's being put down is because he killed an outdoor cat.) An outdoor cat could be killed by foxes, mountain lions, birds, other cats, bears, etc. And this poor, sweet dog is the one predator that has to die, according to the court. It is ridiculous. Please sign this, hopefully it will help. There are protests at the CASPCA as well. 

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