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Install sensitive Interlock Devices

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18-Year-Old Brittney Walsh was innocently driving home from work, on June 24th 2012, when she was hit by a drunk driver, and pronounced dead at the scene. Brittany had just graduated from Copiague High School, with honors just two days before. Brittney is just one of many people, who tragically lost there lives to drunk drivers. 7-Year-Old Katie Flynn, lost her life to a drunk driver, shortly after her Aunts wedding. Also in the car was 59-Year-Old Stanley Rabinowitz. We need Albany to hear us loud and clear. People say there is nothing that can be done about drunk drivers, I challenge that. I say that Albany should create Brittney's Law. This law would state that all vehicles, have a form of a interlock device. A small device attached to the inside of the car, that would pick up on the scent of alcohol on the breath, and in turn would render the car useless. Not a device that would have to be blowed on every single time you get into your car, but a small sensitive device that would pick up on a person that has just consumed alcohol. No one should be drinking and driving no matter how small the amount. If you have money to drink yourself incoherent, you should have money to pay for a cab home. So many lives have been lost, and nothing is done until it is too late, or just in time. Interlock devices are not installed until after the person has committed the offense. For people like Brittney's family or Katie's family, nothing is never enough. Just like anyone else that has lost a family member to the negligence of another human being, they would hate to see another family go through it. Please help to reach Albany and let them know that there is more that can be done. Your family members are out there too, innocently going about there lives until the unthinkable happens. Help prevent the unthinkable, by thinking about it, than doing something about it. You not only in turn protect yourself, as well as your loved ones, but other people around the world.

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