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Stop the yearly Iditarod sled dog race

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The Iditarod is a falsely glamourised tradition, in which many innocent dogs have had their lives ripped away from them.  Blondie, Deacon, Dorado, Flash, Groovey, Nash, Oshi, Shilling, Smoke, Stiffy and Wyatt are just ten of these dogs.  Six of them died in 2017's race, while Blondie and Dorado died in 2013 and 2018's race respectively and Oshi died in this year's Iditarod

Flash and Blondie choked on their own vomit from contracting acute aspiration pneumonia, from being forced to run, while Dorado was left to die from asphyxiation when Paige Drobny cruelly left him in the snow.

Even pregnant dogs, such as Maple are forced to run in the race, without any consideration for their welfare or that of their puppies.

Frankly, I am appalled at the lack of retirement plan for sled dogs, because when the dogs are neither fast nor fit enough for the competition or if they do not meet appearance standards, the mushers and sled dog breeders cruelly kill them through shooting, drowning or leaving them to suffer a slow death from hunger.

The next reason that I am against the Iditarod, is because of the orthopaedic injuries that the dogs suffer, this is the main reason for dropping dogs from the competition.  However, this is done in a way that the dogs suffer cruelty.

Furthermore, the mushers and sled dog breeders keep the dogs in disgusting living conditions, with those not fit for racing, being chained up on a short tether with only poor quality plastic barrels for shelters.

Next, I would like to highlight the fact, that dogs used at the sled-dog breeding compounds die unnecessarily and painfully from numerous ailments.  For example, some have eaten rocks and contracted horrible illnesses from the germs.

In addition, since the very first Iditarod in 1973, over one hundred and fifty innocent dogs have been cost their lives, all because of the cruelty of the mushers.

Moreover, It is appalling that the dogs are disallowed from resting during the race, this is really bad because, firstly they are tired and need a break from having to run such a large distance, and secondly, their injuries will exacerbate.

In addition, it is unacceptable that sled dogs are exempt from anti cruelty laws, because the crime of the mushers goes unpunished.

Another reason why the Iditarod must be terminated, is that half the dogs beginning the race, do not come out at the end.  Thus, those dogs remaining have even more work to do, which negatively impacts them because, having to pull such heavy weight will drag them down and cause them terrible pain in their legs.

Eighty percent of the dogs partaking in the race, end up suffering permanent lung damage.

Another aspect of the Iditarod that is appalling, is that the mushers use alcohol and drugs to increase their dogs' energy, without considering the health and wellbeing of the dogs.