Justice for Sosaia Finau Jr

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On Thursday, April 12th 2018 @ 9am, Sosaia Finau Jr was murdered out of cold blood. He was unarmed, this wasn’t drug related, gang related, no love triangle, no robbery....pure cold blooded overkill! With 3 bullets to the face and 17 to his body....not even a chance to defend himself. The police were called on 2 different occasions before this took place but was never responded to or taken serious. One of the suspects (Mickee Thompson 19) was holding his baby in one hand and gun in the other hand emptying a whole clip into Sosaia before he dropped the baby on the floor and ran while the other suspect (Robert Smith 18) joined in also emptying a whole clip into Sosaia. Sosaia did not know the suspects before this happened. He only knew about previous abuse against the young lady and was concerned about leaving her alone in her home while all the threats were happening. He was not a confrontational person. He was always happy and all about his family. He would take the shirt off his back for anyone and obviously risk his own life to protect another’s life. He loved to play music and sing. He played football and rugby and was a beast on the field. He had the most contagious smile. He was the oldest of 5 children. We have been doing everything in our power to bring justice by raising awareness. As we were passing out flyers we realized that 90% of the community had no idea this had even occurred. The other 10% pretty much thought they had already been captured due to the fact that there hadn’t been anything on the news or any updates or press release from APD. The family and friends have pretty much been on their own spreading awareness all while trying to still take in and accept this happened. Now that we have buried Sosaia and know he’s in a better place and at peace...it’s time to full force seek justice. The problem here is we know that people know where they are at...but people aren’t talking. It’s only a matter of time. People need to keep in mind this could have easily been their son, daughter, brother or sister....the fact that these 2 with no regards to life or children or anyone are running our streets...the same streets our children walk to and from school on, the same streets out kids play on, the same streets we drive to and from work on. This isn’t a song, this isn’t a movie...this is real life. Anyone hiding these 2 are not only endangering our community but they are putting themselves at a huge risk on so many levels. People are also tearing down the flyers...we need the community to come together to help us get justice and we’re not going to stop there...we want to take back our community and protect our kids and make a safer place for our kids. WE ARE SEEKING JUSTICE, NOT REVENGE! WE ARE PROMOTING AWARENESS, NOT VIOLENCE! #Justice4SosaiaFinauJr

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