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Alan Jones we'll Help you Sack the RA Board & Stop the Rot of Rugby Union in Australia!

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We need people with big beating Hearts for Rugby like Twiggy. People like You, Me, Mums & Dads Brothers & Sisters to Sign & Share this Petition Now!

Australian Rugby is irrevocably broken by an inept Board that continues to pretend to listen to its grass roots supporters and then wield an axe upon them! The failure of the ARU now more pathetically known as RA has been destroyed by IT Marketing Puppet Board Members who are clearly out of control wasting copious amounts of money that they refuse to use effectively or even to develop grass roots rugby!

First the Western Force debacle and now the costly name change without a cent or smidgeon of logic involved ! Lets Clean out this entire board and put in people like Alan Jones, Hodgo and Bob Dwyer who can uphold the values that Andrew Forrest is showing Australian Rugby out of his own pocket! Note : We also DO NOT need any Old School "myopic & egocentric" State focused members in a NEW Board! 


Today: Mike is counting on you

Mike Brunt needs your help with “Alan Jones: Lets sack the ARU board now & bring back equality to grass roots rugby around Australia. Every State deserves a fair opportunity because its our code not theirs to ruin at every turn! - Sea of Blue - Perth & Rugby Union Patriots the World over”. Join Mike and 723 supporters today.