Steam Group Protection from abusive steam mods who shut down rule obeying groups

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This petition is going to be delivered via Email to Valve regarding a message to "Al Farnsworth" a steam community moderator regarding the abusive steam moderators who shutdown rule-abiding steam groups.

In signing this petition, this should send a more urgent message regarding this issue to the Valve Moderators who are the higher up reporting that the volunteer moderators are abusing their powers and unfairly taking down groups that obey the Steam rules.

This petition will hopefully bring light to this issue as I well understand the steam rules and seen too many group take downs from admins, many regarding the abuse of political communities within steam.

The rule specific as stated regarding steam groups:

"Religious, political, and other prone to huge arguments threads"

Is commonly mistaken by moderators as "groups" hence in resulting in a abuse of powers.

Email will be sent Via valvesoftware and the petition alone is not to be considered a attack on any individuals nor Al Farnsworth himself

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