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Let's Get Norn 9 -Last Era- Localized in the West!

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Though the release of Norn9 Var Commons was met with a rather less then appealing localization, the game never the less was extremely well received from myself and my fellow friends. 

It was no surprise then that after we finished the game, we desperately wanted to know more of the after stories to each route. (Not to mention more of the plot!) This is where FD's (fandisks) come into play. Lo and behold, Norn9 did indeed have a FD, and that is in the form of -Last Era-

Norn9 -Last Era- was released on the Playstation Vita on April 2nd, 2015, in Japan.

In it, we are given a continuation of the routes to each of the three heroines stories! It is said that the game, even for being a FD, holds numerous amounts of content! Including: 

  • Concerto: 

    This mode picks us up after the series conclusion in Norn9 Vars Commons. This also has two parts that are split up and named Sun & Moon Concerto respectively!

  • Sun Concerto: Sun Concerto is a lovers mode for heroines and their's partners about their life after the first game.  

  • Moon Concerto:  is serious and conflicting mode involving the heroines and their lover, having their relationship being put to a test!

  • Fuga: A game mode involving the guys POV towards the heroines from first game. 
  • Fantasia: Fantasia is a bonus game mode known as a "what if" scenario if the heroines didn't fall in love with their partners. 

Do I expect over a 100,000 signatures? Well, I hope for that many! What I really want is for this petition to reach the eyes of Aksys, to show them that there are fans and otome lovers who wish for more not only more otome, but their FD's as well! 

Since we are receiving the FD for Code Realize (verily soon), I am extremely hopeful that Aksys can acquire the rights to the FD of Norn9! That would be amazing! 

Guys, I can't do this alone. I need you help! I need all of you to band together to make this happen! I need you to go on every social media account you have and spread the word. Post it everywhere! Post in the public bathrooms, throw the link up on the big screen at a theater, heck go to a restaurant and politely get everyone's attention by saying 'excuse me, please go to this link and sign!'! These things might or might not work, but it doesn't hurt to try!! 

And that's all I'm doing with this petition! Trying! And I'm trying with all my heart! So please, let's make this a thing and please sign! Let's get a boatload of signatures and show Aksys that we want Norn9 -Last Era- FD!

Also, drop Aksys a line on Twitter, FB, or any other of their social media sites and give them a friendly message about this petition~! xoxoxo



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