Rosario + Vampire season III in manga and a proper anime adaptation

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We love Rosario + Vampire, it's a series full of entertainment, action and romance, also a series with very enjoyable characters, Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Ruby, Koko, Ginei, Fangfang and the other wonderful cast of characters, but we only got 2 of the 3 years at Yokai Academy and we want to know what happened with the remnants of Fairy Tale, also to know what is the final destiny of the others girls that loved Tsukune and the final step in Tsukune and Moka's relationship, plus the training with Issa Shuzen, on the anime side, a proper adaptation of the history and characters we got in the manga, to have the place it deserves as one of the best histories there are, a full reboot of the anime to help this happen, i personaly love this characters, and i'm looking forward for the next step in Tsukune and Moka's story like many other people that loves this series, please consider the love we have for this series and that we are willing to fully support the return of Rosario + Vampire