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Make Trujet compensate passengers who incur losses due to its regularly cancelled flights

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We had a flight 2T304 from Hyderabad to Goa on 2nd December 2016 in Trujet at around 3:40 pm for 5 of us, so we could reach Goa for an extremely important event. At around 12 pm we were informed that the flight is delayed by an hour. And again at around 2 pm we were informed that "Flight has got cancelled, regret for the inconvenience". No other information was provided.

At this time, it seemed impossible to even book another flight as it was too late for that. After that we kept calling customer care (04040904090) to get some solution, but none of the customer care agents picked up the phone. After stressing out trying to reach customer care for about 30-40 minutes we finally gave up and booked 5 tickets in another flight whose departure was at 3:55 PM. After that there was no flight available for that day. We barely had time to even reach airport on time to board the new flight. And we paid almost triple, as it was booked at the last minute.

This is the most unprofessional & irresponsible behaviour we ever experienced from any airlines, as no alternative was provided to us & not even a call was made to us informing the cancellation. It was an harrowing experience and it caused us tremendous amount of mental stress, as reaching to Goa that night was of paramount importance for us. And not to mention the fact that we had to pay almost triple for another flight because of booking at last minute.

After we reached the airport, we spoke to the Trujet representative to reimburse what we have spent extra for no fault of ours whatsoever. He suggested that we send the boarding passes of the new flight and ticket scanned copies to this email ID (, so that difference amount between Trujet and new flight tickets would be reimbursed to us. But even that emailID they provided turned out to be fake. When we actually found the right email ID (, they simply said that flight had cancelled due to operational reasons and they apologize. Nothing else.

Of course, this won't solve the mental stress we had to go through for hours, but atleast you should ensure that customers don't have to go through such loss for trusting Trujet with its commitment. It can be understood if it was a one time thing. We found out that this airline does this on a regular basis. You have to be very lucky for your flight to not be cancelled in last moment.

PS: Since then, on visiting their page on facebook and other sources, I've seen numerous other experiences like these. Some people were even stranded in middle of their journey in another city, told to wait for half a day, and simply their flight was cancelled to their destination. So, they were stranded in airport of an unknown city.

Since, I posted my review on their facebook page, I have got messages from people who had similar terrible experiences with this flight who want to get this flight either compensate for their huge losses, or to be shut down, so other people don't have to go through this on a regular basis.

We all need to raise a voice against this terrible way they take customers for granted and cancel flights as they please with nothing but a message that says "Regret inconvenience".


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