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Stop Airbnb from Listing Properties on Illegally Occupied region of Abkhazia, Georgia

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After the Russian occupation and ethnic cleansing of Georgian population in 1992-93 that left hundreds of thousands dead and more than half million displaced from their homes, region of Abkhazia has been controlled by separatist and terrorist militant formations along with Russian occupant military. Since then the legitimate Georgian government do not possess control over the region. Therefore allowing individuals to list properties that could have been acquired by illegal means and are rented predominantly on Russian tourists entering illegally in the region violates not only Airbnb's very eloquent and descriptive inclusion and anti-discrimation policies but an international law and norms of ethics.

As being one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world Airbnb is expected to be ethical in conducting business locally or internationally and not profit from illegal or other discriminatory activities its hosts might be engaged.

Therefore we urge Airbnb to ban individuals from region of Abkhazia from listing properties on the platform unless they demonstrate that they are not engaging in discriminatory activities and are authentic owners of the apartments located in the sovereign, internationally renown borders of republic of Georgia. And change the name on the platform from 'Abkhazia, Russia' to 'Abkhazia, Georgia'. 

In summary: 

Individuals from this terrorist controlled region should not be allowed to list on Airbnb for the following reasons:

1. Individuals listing the properties can not verify the authenticity of their ownership of the properties they are listing. 

2.  Listed properties could have been acquired by murdering their legitimate Georgian owners during the ethnic cleansing in 1992-93. 

3. The listed properties are only rented on Russian tourists entering the region illegally. No Georgian (or probably other nationality) could make it to their rented property say in Sokhumi because they would not be allowed (or kidnaped or shot) by occupant forces. 

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