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A Dance Group For Armed Forces

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Hi, How are you this is Airmen Young of the 97th SFS I was interested in speaking with someone about Max Impact. I really love what they do and I really like what they bring to the world as far as the view of the Air Force. I know they are very hard to get a hold of.

I'm a Dancer it's something that I've been doing for years of my life. I always wanted a way to reach out to the world on a positive note with it. I realized they do not have any Performers/Dancers with them when I watching a performance at the Recent Drill down I was Apart not to long ago. At least I believe that was them, however I really wanted to find a way to possible see about being on of there Stage performers.

I feel as if it is important to have them because sometime people can't just hear the music and understand the message it's giving. I've noticed that with dancing it tells a story and really broadcast the meaning behind the music, and it helps connect with the audience more. I understand the work, and effort it will take to get this done and I'm sure I'm not the only Person that Dances in the Air Force nor the First to ask About this. Often times where I'm from their was a lot of people that wanted to do things with dancing that was bigger and had a bigger message. Not many wanted to put in what it took to get those organizations Started. Well this is my Start I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to make this happen. I Practice Everyday in hopes I can use my Talent for something positive. Whatever work I need to put in I will. If this isn't something you are interested in I understand. I just want the chance to do something bigger and show the world that anything is possible. I just want to bring joy a hope to the world

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