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Put the headgear back on our boxers!!

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Safety should paramount in amateur boxing. The people at the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) have decided to put their selfish dream of gaining a global monopoly on the sport of boxing ahead of the safety of tens of thousands of young boxers worldwide. The facial tissue, brain tissue and future careers of elite amateur boxers around the world should not be placed in jeopardy for the monetary gain of this Swiss organization.

AIBA is relying on a controversial and widely disputed study that they themselves commissioned to support the removal of headgear. The AIBA claims that the removal of the headgear will be safer and lead to less concussions.  However the vast majority of respected scientists claim otherwise. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic conducted a study and found that the use of headgear significantly decreased the force of blows to the head. There are also studies from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, along with one from Wayne State University that found: “The utilization of boxing headgear significantly reduces the peak punch force delivered to an opponent. In addition, both angular and linear acceleration values are decreased when the headgear is in place.”

If AIBA truly believes amateur boxing to be safer without headgear, why order its removal for only elite men? Why not for women and children competitors, too? Everyone acknowledges that headgear prevents cuts. Even though cuts can seriously damage the careers of those aspiring to turn professional, surely cuts for women and children are preferable to brain injuries. Such a position should make one question whether or not AIBA truly believes their own claims.

No one wants a ring tragedy. Besides the heartbreak of such an eventuality, amateur boxing can ill afford it. Forces are already lining up, looking for an opportunity to end a sport they never understood.

Please sign this petition and help us tell AIBA that they are making a big mistake!

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