Help fight the deportation of a truly Canadian family

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Canadians need to rally together to stop the unjust and unfair planned Christmas Eve deportation of the Montoya family.

According to Global News the Montoyas have lived in Canada for more than six years. They own property, run small businesses and volunteer within their community.

But if the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has its way, the family of seven, including two small children, will soon be sent back to Colombia — where they say factions of a dangerous paramilitary group want to kill them.

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As Canadians we need to mobilize and spread the word about this family. We need to sign & circulate this petition as a way to put pressure on our government to do the right thing and allow this family to stay in Canada, and to have Canada's Federal government rescind the deportation order.

Personal story
I am a talk radio host in Toronto...but more importantly I am a concerned Canadian and the actions of our government concerning this family are not in line with what I believe our country represents.

I feel that this family has earned the right to stay in Canada and shouldn't be punished because of a backlog in our system.

Please help me fight this order, hopefully together we can give this story a better ending.