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Halt immediately the brutal inhumane live animal export trade.

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No country that can call itself civilised can allow the extremely long and frightening
sea voyage, then the barbaric treatment and horrendous deaths of our exported animals .

"If the Australians find out how the sheep were killed — the stabbing, the clubbing and the burying alive — they will definitely ban animal exports to Pakistan."
— industry expert, Pakistan.

You may have seen in the news that these sheep have already endured so much — Any animal raised for slaughter in Australia has a terrible life. Taken way from it's mother it lives it's miserable life through drought, famine,flies,fires and flood. It is constantly harassed by nipping dogs and stock whips, and barbaric practices are used, such as muesling and castration etc.
Then the animal is loaded on to a truck where it could spend days travelling on bumpy, blazing hot dusty unsealed roads, sometimes without water and nowhere to lie down.
It is eventually loaded on to a ship where the hapless animal can spend a month enduring confinement, crammed in to a rolling ships hold in storms with nowhere to lay down.

The latest shipment of sheep was languishing on board an Australian live export ship that was rejected by Bahrain, only to be dumped in Pakistan where they have been sweltering in the heat and humidity, with reports that thousands have now been slaughtered in the most horrific way imaginable. There will be no happy ending for the others. The 'best case scenario' will be that they will be slaughtered in a Pakastani abattoir while fully conscious. This is just the latest in a shameful list of live export disasters for which animals have paid the price. The suffering and deaths of these sheep sits on the shoulders of every Australian politician who has ever defended this unethical trade in animal suffering.

No country that calls itself civilized can allow these live animal exports of any kind to continue. When live exports to Egypt were discontinued they took refrigerated meat with no problem. To say that the barbaric torture and slaughter of animals is OK because it keeps jobs and helps the economy makes me wonder just where these people draw the line when it comes to money...The live animal export is a blot on our nation.
All live animal exports to any country must be stopped immediately. If the animals already in holding have to be shot and compensation paid then so be it.
Abattoirs should be built here in Australia and the meat refrigerated and exported.This will actually increase employment in the outback where it is most needed and there will be no loss at all to our economy.
Any person who cares about the welfare of animal should not vote for any politician who OK's live animal exports.
Don't let your MP off the hook. .Email them or call their office today and leave one very simple message: that you will not support a party that supports live animal export.

Animals Australia on Tuesday said family-friendly rallies against the live export trade would be held in Fremantle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney and Adelaide on Saturday. Join the nationwide day of action against live export and also CALL YOUR MP TODAY!

Most Australians oppose live export. Please give your friends and family the opportunity to speak out too by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you.

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