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This gas line replacement has been a bane and huge inconvenience to everyone living on Katie Kerr. To pay us back for this massive intrusion, AGL Resources and Dekalb County need to take some time (and money) to spruce up an otherwise neglected neighborhood. We'd like to see a full repaving of Katie Kerr (both lanes) from Cragie Rd to Columbia Dr. We'd also like to see re-curbing on both sides of the street, new sidewalks (on the residential side), street lights (on the residential side) from Craigie Rd to Columbia Dr. And Finally, share the road signs and "sharrows" (share the road arrows) painted on the fresh asphalt. Again, this is the LEAST AGL and Dekalb County can do for placing so many taxpayers in the middle of a construction site.

Letter to
Burell Ellis Dekalb county CEO AGL Resources/ Dekalb County
Hello Mr Ellis,

My name is Steve Markham, and I live in the Wheatfields neighborhood off Katie Kerr in Decatur. The construction for the replacement of the Eastside Gas Line has been much more of a bane on the neighborhood than any of us could anticipate. There are two major issues I have concern with. The first of which is the fact that they did not inform any of us on the details of what was to occur until after construction had already started. The second is how they will leave everything when they leave.
Our neighborhood has been neglected by Dekalb County for far too long. City of Decatur nor Avondale wants to annex us because our children will “overcrowd” the schools. Meanwhile Dekalb County will not even come out to mow the easement along the street or trim branches from the sidewalk. I see this construction as an opportunity for our voices to be heard on these issues. I have created an online petition at, located here:
It outlines what (in my opinion) should be required of both AGL and Dekalb County post construction. Items are as follows:
1. A full repaving of Katie Kerr from Craigie to Columbia. This includes both sides of the road, not just patch paving the side they dug up.
2. Re-curbing on both sides of the street.
3. New sidewalks on the residential side of the street. The existing sidewalks are completely dilapidated and in some areas are barely walkable.
4. Streetlights on the residential side of the street. Anyone who walks their dog after dark, or runs, cycles etc knows this is an absolute necessity.
5. Proper landscaping on the easement where the trees were cut. Turf, shrubs, etc. It is understood they cannot replant trees in the event they need to access the line. However they can make the easement pleasing to view.
6. Finally, share the road signs and "sharrows" (share the road arrows) painted on the fresh asphalt. As an avid cyclist, I feel like this is imperative. I myself cycle on Katie Kerr, and many other cyclists use Katie Kerr as a cut through to Columbia Dr and other neighborhoods.
I have also posted a blog article on Decatur Patch located here:

Our neighborhood has been neglected by the county for far too long, and now we are making our voices heard.

Steve Markham

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