Stop the recall of travel agent commissions

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Travel agents are doing it tough with this COVID-19 crisis. 
There are no bookings coming through and a number of industry suppliers are recalling commissions on previous bookings that are now cancelled.  This is income travel agents have deservedly earned in the processing and management of these bookings. 

How is this fair?   

How can suppliers ask travel agents to return income that was earned 2, 3 or 6 months ago?

Many travel agents rely only on commissions to pay their rent or mortgage and run a household. 

Travel suppliers rely on travel agents to promote and sell their product, yet if the client cancels (through no fault of the travel agent), the income from the booking must be paid back to the supplier, no matter when the booking was made.

Researching and booking the arrangements may have taken the travel agent many hours or days or weeks of work.  It's a slap in the face for them when all their work has been deemed worthless.

We need to stop the recall of commissions by lobbying our peak industry body, AFTA.

Please help travel agents retain their hard earned income.

Let's work together and get this done!

Thank you for your support.