Save I league Clubs from AIFF & help in developing the future of Indian Football prospect

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The National League of India started in 1996. From that time, it was the only recognised league throughout the nation. In 2007, the same league named as I league. In 2013, IMGR the foundation company started a new league with corporate 8 Teams with huge money behind them. Our governing body AIFF gave the authority to start it with full flow. From 2017, AFC and FIFA both insisted on bringing of only single League in entire Nation to make it a perfect step towards popularity and growing of Indian Football development in World. But AIFF delayed the initiative to make single league to 2019 season. If you compare the popularity and fan attendance of ISL with I League, I league is much more ahead than ISL. AIFF has given full support and partiality to ISL Clubs, when it comes to question for existance of I League Clubs unlawfully only for monetary profit. I League (previously known as National League) is the oldest and has most fan based clubs gathering with the backbone of Crores of supporters. But those clubs are much poor comparing to ISL Clubs. In between the years of National Leagues and I Leagues, many clubs (JCT, Dempo, Salgaonkar, SBT, FC Kochin, United sports Club, Mahindra & Mahindra, Vasco Sports Club, Mumbai FC, Bharat FC, Air India, Pune City FC, BSF, HAL, Sporting Club De Goa, Punjab Police FC, Indian Bank, ITI, Kerala Police FC etc.) across the Nation forced to shut down their Teams. AIFF did not help or gave any suppprt to run their clubs smoothly. Now situation in this year got most critical with stubborn activities of AIFF. Meanwhile FSDL, the autonomous body Of ISL is taking contractual decisions. AFC gave the deadline from this upcoming 2019-20 season to start only unified League. AIFF unlawfully wants to close I League and only ISL will be continued next season. The I League Clubs will be relegated to 2nd division Of League. Another condition,15 Crore will be the joining fees for ISL, who will interest to join the league from next season. As stated above, I League clubs are economically very far behind than those corporate ISL Clubs. So, those Clubs willing to play top League failed to register their names. I League Clubs Officials wanted to meet AIFF for their future roadmap in this February, AIFF did not meet that time. Our question arises here how can governing body close the top League (I League) for a 6 years Corporate League? Why the entry fee is there to play Nation's top League? I League Clubs in this March demanded for a Unified League of 20 teams and gave a propaganda for future roadmap in next year by a joint meeting at AIFF's office in Delhi. AIFF wants only 10-12 teams in next year ISL. 11 teams played 2018-19 season I League, 1 team relegated and 10 teams in ISL on same season. Our demand is to unify the 10 I League teams without paying the entry fee and there should be relegation & promotion. AIFF and FSDL jointly try to stop it whole-heartedly. We want justice at your end as early as possible. AIFF officials just killing the fan based Clubs in India. Recently 2 out of 11 I League Clubs are on the verge of closing their Teams due to such behaviour of AIFF. These Clubs are backbone of India's future players' supplyline. So, if one after another starts to shut down due to AIFF's negligency, how will India emerge as a sleeping giant in future? Please see the matter and arrange to take necessary steps to save I League Clubs and Indian Football.