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IWA is a sixth form college that caters to students who came from disadvantage background. The school was established in 2015 and has transformed young people lives. It is a beacon of hope for students who have not achieved enough GCSEs to progress further. Some of the students who completed their studies, in the past two years have went on to read in the best universities in the country. Prior to attending IWA, I was involved in gang culture wasting away in the streets of Hounslow. When I IWA was opened I was given to re-do intensive courses in GCSEs and then I further progressed to A Levels.

 It gave me hope and transformed my life for the better. This was not possible without the supervision and guidance of the experienced teachers at IWA. I was then mentored in becoming a law abiding citizen that positively contributes to the wider society.

 There are no establishment that is like IWA that gives students like me a second chance at an education when doors of opportunity are closed. Please help us save IWA from closure by Al Furqan Education Trustees who do not understand the positive impact these establishment has on the lives of young people.

Their decision will devastate the life of many young people who are currently continuing their education particularly students who are in the middle of a two-year course. To close the school is being made without input from parents, teachers, students, alumni and the broader community!

The SILENCE must end! 

Time is wasting and WE NEED TO ACT NOW to get the school in order! We have built, maintained and continue to fight for our school community.  We love our school and will no longer be silent.



1.  That they respect the voice of the parents, students and the experienced staff who know how to run an education institution like IWA.


2. IWA was financially sufficient from its establishment and self-sustaining, thanks to the parents who have funded their children’s education and are still willing to continue to support this project regardless of the current financial circumstances.  Therefore, we demand that the trustees of AET to stop the bigotry against women and respect the voices of mothers who are struggling save their children from streets and a life of crime.  Education is the only hope for the betterment of our youth and the trustees have thoughtlessly taken a decision that has a mammoth impact on young people without consulting and listening to the people that it claims to serve.