Instate a Cork-Rome (FCO) all year round, weekly flight

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Dear sirs,
This request aims to have a Cork to Rome (FCO) flight instated all year around, with weekly departure.

There are multiple reasons why such flights should be immediately instated.

First, Cork is a fast business growing city: many companies have their headquarters based in the city and surroundings.
Those companies hire people from all over the world and nationalities. Those people need connections flights to the main airport hubs in Europe to reach their final destinations.
Rome is an excellent international hub, and Fiumicino airport is one of the most known in the world.

The Central Statistics Office,, reports more than 10,000 Italians lives abroad in Ireland (2016 data).

And, Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, the most visited Italian city (source: CNN Travel 2017, 9.4 million in 2016; 9.6 million expected in 2017 (1.8% growth)).

Also, Rome Fiumicino Airport has been rated as the best airport in Europe in 2018:

Many Italians comes to study English and other disciplines by the colleges and universities: Italian is the second most spoken language between students (source: StatLink).

Therefore, by the business perspective of the airlines, this flight might be sold out instantly, and it’s easy to predict more than one flight might be needed.

By the Irish tourism perspective, many people likes traveling to Ireland and visit its cliffs, green hills and beautiful castles.
And, not only 10,000 Italians, but all the Irish residents might want to visit Rome for tourism or business reasons.
It’s a win-win situation.

Another good reason to fly to Rome is that, as being an international hub which operates domestic flights, would enable connecting people to other Italian cities and airports, as well as connecting international travelers to other destinations currently not covered by direct flights from Cork to those.

We, the Cork to Rome flight Committee and the subscribers of this petition, kindly ask the airlines above mentioned to instate one —or more than one flight— from Cork to Rome and vice versa, on a weekly basis, all year long.
We hope this could take place before the end of 2018 or as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or requests.

Cork to Rome flight Committee

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