Kendrick School - admit more disadvantaged girls

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We the undersigned call upon Kendrick School to change their admissions policy to set aside any new places resulting from their expansion bid for girls on Pupil Premium.

The government's Selective School Expansion Fund is for grammar schools with 'ambitious and realistic plans for increasing access for disadvantaged pupils'.  Kendrick School does not currently meet this criterion.  The school's oversubscription criteria gives priority to children in receipt of Pupil Premium but because these children are not achieving the qualifying score, this policy has little or no positive effect on admitting disadvantaged children.  Recent figures show that 32% of Reading children are in receipt of Pupil Premium.  Kendrick School admits just 2%.

Setting aside one quarter of places for disadvantaged girls would mean the school more accurately reflects the makeup of the community it is supposed to serve.  It would also be a fitting tribute to Tudor philanthropist, John Kendrick who left his fortune to educate the poor, leading to the establishment of Kendrick School.

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