LET'S STOP influencers and celebrities working with products promoting speedy weight loss

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Last night was the last straw for me.

I run an organisation called The Empowered Woman Project and through things like workshops, talks, blogs and a podcast, we seek to address difficult issues that women across Scotland and the U.K. may be dealing with on their own.

As someone who knows a fair amount about nutrition and who's trying to break down barriers with regards to beauty standards, particularly with unrealistic expectations being set by social media (where apps or photoshop can be used easily to trick consumers), I think it's a joke that celebrities and influencers are permitted to take payment to advertise such products. 

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was a paid partnership between the 'Skinny Coffee Club' and Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore. We are presented with two images. In the first image which is said to be PRIOR to using the weight loss product, Holly is in bad lighting with no makeup on. In the second picture which is said to be Holly after losing weight... she is pictured with lots of makeup, seemingly more pert boobs and better lighting which seems wrong on so many levels to me. 

Women are literally dying on the operating table. Women who go beyond their means to afford surgery on their bums or boobs and these individuals need to be held to account for a growing issue we face with the younger generation of women. Surely there should be some sort of standard in place with regards to whom an Individual with 3.7 million followers can work with and promote?