Company Transparency when it comes to Animal Testing of cosmetics.

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The cosmetics industry MUST stop testing on animals. Apart from the fact that it is brutal and barbaric to the animals, it also doesn't produce reliable results and isn't cost efficient. There is literally no reason to still be doing this. However some companies continue to do so. Whether it is because they sell in China where it is required by law to do so or because they pay ingredient suppliers to test the products on animals.

We the people signed below urge the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency in the UK) to look into companies that claim to be cruelty free yet either sell in China and/or pay for suppliers to test the products on animals. 

This is totally unacceptable for a business to call themselves Cruelty free when they test on animals. Whatever the circumstance or the reason. If they test anywhere in the world they ARE NOT cruelty free. 

Loreal recently launched a radio campaign where a French Scientist is interviewed by Katie Piper and talks about how Loreal haven't tested on animals for 30 years. As Loreal sell in China this is far from the truth. Avon do similar and most high street brands if asked will say they are cruelty free when they are not. 

We the undersigned want the ASA to ensure that any company who claims to be cruelty free actually is. To claim a business is cruelty free while they continue to test on animals is totally misleading to us, the general public and products consumers.