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Release the source code for the secure processor (PSP)

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Please, AMD, open the source code for the PSP.

Reasons are posted everywhere in regarding topics, I will sumarize some of them and I hope we can generate an interest for the company to release it:

- Eliminate security through obscurity. A secure system must be secure even if every detail but the key is known by untrusted individuals or organizations.
- Give users control over their own systems. It generates confidence in AMD.
- Give FSF and other similar organizations a great reason to recomend AMD for purchases of supporters.
- Increase presence in key security systems on companies and goverments.

The main point is that releasing this source code is not only good to the final users and FSF, but for AMD, as it can become the main CPU designer on the high level mindshare when someone asks for security and control.

Given the above reasons, I think it is in the best interest of AMD and its customers, to release the source code for the PSP for, at least Ryzen and Naples, but also previous generation processors, so, please, AMD, release the sources for PSP.

Kind regards.

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