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Greenlight a "Rick and Morty" feature-length film

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Hello Adult Swim. We have heard that Rick and Morty was renewed for a Season 3. At this point, a think that it could have a Season 4 and more seasons in the future. Or not?

However, it's very strange that a feature-length film based on the series was not made since its creation. We have know that the only film based on a series of your programming blocks was Aqua Teen Hunger Force, who released in 2007 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. Other series that try to have a film was The Boondocks.

For that reason, we try to convince your executives for make a feature-lengt hfilm of Rick and Morty, with a theatrical release worldwide, because, if ATHFCMFFT was sucessful in United States, imagine the sucess that could have a Rick and Morty film worldwide.

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