Improve Access To Adoption Records In Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia’s Adoption Act is set as a Closed Adoption Process. This policy limits the availability of information that can be provided to adult adoptive children and biological family wishing to reconnect. Sadly, the current wait time to start searching within Dept. of Community Services is approximately 2 years with many adult adoptees seeing search times up to 4 years. This is a timeline that for many is too late as biological family pass away or become lost in time. With the current population in Nova Scotia aging quickly, time to reconnect is passing fast.

We are pushing all Elect/Non elect members of Provincial/Federal Government to work together in support of Adult Adoptee's in this great province and allow OPEN RECORDS with VETO options to be the preferred method in this province. We implore government to increase support to Adult Adoptee's interested in completing family searches to reduce wait times to within a reasonable level.