Adopt 'One Member, One Vote' before the next Welsh Labour leadership election

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Please join us (Julie Morgan, Julie James, Jenny Rathbone and Jane Hutt) in calling for Welsh Labour to adopt 'One Member, One Vote' (OMOV) for all future elections – including the election of our next leader in Wales.

** We urgently need OMOV before the autumn when Carwyn Jones steps down.**

  • You may know that the recent deputy leadership election was conducted using the Electoral College system – so the winner had 7,709 votes but the runner up had 9,110 of all votes cast and 65% of the membership vote. 
  • The Electoral College system means that an MP or AM's vote is worth 400 times that of a member.

OMOV was used to elect Labour's UK leader Jeremy Corbyn and it is the only way, I believe, to give all members – including our many new members – a real say in the future of the party.

Please sign this petition to bring in OMOV and to hold the party Democracy Review as soon as possible – and before we elect Carwyn Jones' successor.