Open source the Adobe AIR runtime

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The popular mobile game Angry Birds was built with Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR is a software that allows anyone to easily build mobile and desktop applications and games using Adobe Animate and ActionScript 3.0. It was voted as the Best Mobile Application Development product at the Consumer Electronics Show for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) and over 100,000 unique applications have been built on AIR. 

Adobe AIR is famous for its excellent support of vector graphics, animations and 3D graphics with Away3D, Alternativa3D, Flare3D and other engines. It is still the best way to develop animated mobile content and games.

However in 2019, Adobe has stopped all development on this valuable and wonderful technology and handed it over to Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung, for maintenance efforts. Harman is now going to offer commercial versions of the AIR SDK on a client by client basis making it even more difficult to obtain!

Therefore we the people request that Adobe open-source the Adobe AIR Runtime, so that game developers and mobile app developers around the world can continue to benefit from this amazing technology and use the millions of lines of ActionScript 3 code that's already been written. Go Adobe!