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Occupy and Advance Clark Atlanta University

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As students of Clark Atlanta University, we truly do love our institution, and because of that, we want to make Clark Atlanta University the best that it can be. Our $36,701 that we contribute to this school should be able to advance and push Clark Atlanta forward. We believe in the following because we love CAU and we want it to be better so that we will have an amazing CAU Experience. Here are our demands:

  1. Stroll Teams: a large part of the HBCU Experience is the stroll team component. It truly livens up the campus and with the limited presence of stroll teams, we are truly missing a huge part of campus culture. It promotes friendly and competitive competition.
  2. Dorm Life: we need more washing machines and dryers, specifically in the freshman female dorms. There are a multitude of young women who have to use 4, and at times, less than 4 washing machines and dryers. It would be nice for us to have washing machines and dryers fixed and maintained in a timely manner.
  3. Visitation: visitation is an important part of how we interact with our friends and  colleagues throughout the AUC. Visitation hours are very limiting, 6:30-11:30 is not an adequate time limit for us to interact with other students. It would not be a distraction as most students are absent from the dorm due to them going home for the weekend, being present at parties, and other various reasons. Proposed visitation times for weekdays are: (2:00PM-11:30PM) as most classes are over at 2:00. Proposed visitation times for weekends are: (12:00PM-2:00AM)
  4. Recreation: in order to stay fit and healthy, it would be beneficial to students that Clark Atlanta University has a formal area for students and faculty to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle on campus.
  5. Sexual Health: there are many condom dispensers on campus and majority of them are empty. It would not only be important, but responsible that Clark Atlanta University promotes safe sex.
  6. Convince: it would be great if there were re-loadable PAW Card machines in every dorm to make it easier and more accessible for students. There should also be a laundromat and convenient store on campus where students can go for a quick snack as well as a place we can go in case laundry machines are down in our dorms.
  7. Cafe Food: selection for cafeteria food is limited as it gets later in the day. During late dinner hours, students only options are ill-prepared hamburgers and pizza. We would like greater food options.
  8. Gymnasium: our gymnasium needs to be up to date. The only renovations that happened includes the newly renovated basketball court. The gym has a 1970's vibe to it and we as an institution owe it to our students, coaches, and student athletes to better their environment. A complete renovation of the gymnasium is needed.

There is a lot of empty land near Clark Atlanta University, and we propose that Clark Atlanta buys that land and use it in a way that will be beneficial for all students, faculty, and staff. These are just a few of our demands, ideas, and provisions.

We LOVE Clark Atlanta University and we want to excel as the top tier university that we are.

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