Full Time Shelter Attendant - Longer hours open for Pet Adoptions

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Petition to Help Kim Moretz gain Full-time Shelter Attendant Position:


The purpose of this petition is to help Kim Moretz gain a full time shelter attendant position with Ashe County Animal Control. Kim has been working part-time (29 hours per week) for the last 3 years and has made a tremendous difference in lives of Ashe County Citizens and the animals of Ashe County.

Kim works so hard at the Animal Shelter to keep the shelter clean and taking care of the animals. She goes above and beyond what is required of her. She has developed many contacts with other animal rescue groups all over the east coast and has been very successful in placing adoptable animals with these rescue groups. Kim helps to coordinate transports and even takes some of these animals to rescues on her own time. Since Kim came on board she has saved 1000’s of dogs and cats. Kim works hard to advertise the animals and has reunited 100’s of lost animals with their owners. Kim is a very valuable asset to Ashe County and deserves a full-time position. She has accomplished so much working part-time, imagine her full-time potential. With Kim working full-time, the Animal Shelter could be open more to the public making adoptable and lost animals more available to the public. Animal Welfare has become very important to tax paying citizens and we need to do all we can to keep improving this. Please consider giving her a full-time Shelter Attendant position.

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This petition will be delivered to the Ashe County Commissioners, Ashe County Manager and the Director of Animal Control.