Bring back the Parcel Service to Ephraim Island

Bring back the Parcel Service to Ephraim Island

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Greg Luck started this petition to Mike Bell and Sue Newman (Ephraim Island Management) and

For the last ten years Ephraim Island Security has signed for parcels, stored all parcels in the mail room and notified residents via text message.

Now, that has stopped. No signing for parcels meaning they go back to the courier depot or to Australia Post at Paradise Point even if you are home (the courier does not attempt to ring your bell per EI procedures). And no notifications via text message. 

For the first legal liability has been offered as the reason. Simple: get any resident who wants security to sign for their parcel to sign an indemnity indemnifying Ephraim Island Management.

On notification it is claimed it is a time saving not to do it. It takes 10 seconds to use a system to send a text message. Every time I cannot find a parcel I ring security and they go over and check their room. That takes 2 minutes per time.

What about time saving for residents? You need to check your mail, ring the vendor who sent the parcel, ring security and generally hunt around through the entire supply chain to find your parcel. That is taking me around 15 - 30 minutes per parcel that ships.

We previously had provided feed back to Ephraim Island Management during the "1 month trial". It is no longer being trialed - it is now the official system. At our Subsidiary 106 Committee Meeting last Friday, around 20 residents discussed and objected to these changes.

I was going to put this on the agenda for the Principal Body Corporate AGM, but was advised that motions had to be proposed by end of financial year, which was 30 April.

Please vote for this petition so that your voice can be heard ahead of that meeting and this problem fixed.

Update 8 June - Response from Caretakers

Mike Bell and Sue Newman have provided comprehensive background to this issue, which is much appreciated. See the posts section.

They have also advised that “Recently Security have been instructed to no longer provide access to units for domestic cleaners, for the supermarket deliveries, no longer accept dry cleaning collection services etc to remove the concierge duties that have gradually crept in, by residents directly approaching Security for this assistance.

I don’t believe we the residents have been informed of these new restrictions. I believe we should be consulted on these changes and I believe the vast majority of residents would not want to see the removal of these concierge services that have been enjoyed for the past 10 years. 

Update 9 June - Response from Principal Body Corporate Committee

I have posted to updates a letter received yesterday from the secretary of the PBC which provides further background and clarifies that the caretakers have been acting in accordance with motions passed by the PBC.

Bob Nash says “I suggest the PBC meet early next week  to draft a letter to all lot owners clarifying the parcel delivery process that is currently on trial. Based on current activity we should prepare costed options for lot owners to vote on at the upcoming AGM's.”.

In our view, Ephraim Island is a luxury residence which is why we chose to buy here a year ago and why we believe many people bought there. Removing the services that make it a luxury experience destroys it. We would be in favour of  Concierge Service to be made part of the security guards or caretakers’ staff responsibilities including:

- parcel receipt and notification via text, including those requiring signature

- letting in contractors such as cleaners, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, pest control etc who have been placed on the register

- receipt of dry cleaning

- reasonable assistance to residents (my wife had surgery and temporarily could not help and security would not help me lift my BBQ out of the car)

Assuming this requires an extra FTE for $60k fully loaded and another 10k in annual costs for insurance, that is 70k, which divided amongst 311 residents is $225 per year. Assuming an average body corporate fee of $12k per year, that is an increase of only 1.9%. A small cost for a return of the service that made Ephraim great.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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