Louis Tomlinson should be 'the face' of Adidas

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Three days ago on the official Kendall Jenner Instagram page (kendalljenner) Jenner announced that she is, "officially joining the adidas fam!" Jenner has taken on the role as Adidas's brand ambassador, but many people have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms that they disagree with this decision. Although Jenner has an Instagram following of 81.4 million followers and a Twitter following of 22.2 million, fans of musician Louis Tomlinson believe that he should take on the role as Adidas's brand ambassador. Tomlinson has an Instagram following of 13.2 million and a Twitter following of 24.6 million. Despite the fact that Jenner's following surpasses Tomlinson's, Tomlinson has been dedicated and loyal to the brand for years. Tomlinson has been seen and photographed in Adidas's attire a countless number of times and continues to wear the brand's apparel. Since January 21st, 2016, Tomlinson has been the proud father of his son Freddie Reign and is exploring his solo career as a musician. If the singer were to become 'the face' of Adidas, he could use the money to provide for his son, donate to charities (which he has done several times in the past), and use the brand as a way to boost his solo career. Tomlinson's fans believe that since he has been extremely loyal to the Adidas brand it is only fair that he becomes their brand ambassador.