Address The Danger To The Community

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For the past three years, the residents of Tinley Pointe at 183rd & Harlem have been attempting, to no avail, to bring a dangerous situation to the attention of the Village of Tinley Park and the Tinley Park Police Department.   Over the past few years, we have watched Intimo Lounge evolve from a low-key martini bar to a packed nightclub with the addition of second room advertising club nights with DJs and bottle service.   The addition of this club has created an increase of large crowds loitering and fighting, loud music to the wee hours of the morning, suspicious activity in the parking lots, and now- gunshots fired.   This has been a normal weekly occurrence observed by the residents in the building above the lounge for years and we have contacted the Tinley Park Police Department more times than you can count (and still do every weekend) and even reached out to the village for help with a solution, all with no success.  There is no patrol over this area, despite the reoccurrences, no warnings or arrests have ever been made and visibly drunk patrons are instructed to leave the scene in their cars.      As we observe the activity of the lounge below our residence, we observe the increase in the size of crowds, the frequency of skirmishes, the escalation of violence and risk posed to the public’s safety.       


On 5/20/18 at around 1:00 am, I was woken by loud screaming and fighting.   Since this is a normal occurrence every weekend, we did not bother to get up and stayed in bed trying to fall back asleep.   At 2:00am, I am still awake and the situation seems to be escalating.   It is then that I decide to go out onto my patio to see what is going on and observe a much bigger and violent situation than I had expected.  There were close to 100 people spilling out of the lounge and scattered throughout the parking lot of Tinley Pointe.   There were multiple, separate fights (wrestling, hitting, falling etc...) occurring everywhere and multiple individuals threatening gun violence.   I heard one individual, in particular, shout a warning to the crowd to leave because he was going to get his gun.   Sure enough, I watched the individual walk to the adjacent parking lot near Al’s beef and return to the center of the crowd and fire three shots into the air.   I was so surprised and frightened that I ducked and went back into my home.   It is then that I decided to grab my phone to call the police and start recording the situation.   My recording starts about three minutes after the shots were fired and when the first two police officers arrived on the scene.  


Some doubtful commentators as well as the police have denied that shots were fired (despite them not being present at the time), but I assure you that they occurred as myself and several other witnesses can attest to.   However, this is not about proving what happened this particular night, residential disagreements with the lounge, race or pointing blame on anyone or establishment.  It is about raising awareness to an ongoing issue that is escalating and posing a danger to our community.  


We are asking the establishment, the village and the police department to take into account the activity occurring outside of this lounge and collaborate on a solution before someone is hurt or killed.   It is clear that the activity and amount of people involved have ballooned to a situation that the local police department and establishment are not currently equipped to handle.   We ask that you sign this petition so we may raise awareness and ask the village, police department and establishment owner to explore and implement preventative safety measures, training and increased patrol to mitigate the risks and monitor the situation before it is too late.



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