ADC needs to be fair & transparent to the Overseas Dentists' taking the ADC Exam

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The purpose of this petition is to bring to the forefront the inherent unfairness and lack of transparency in the process of assessing the overseas dentists’ by the Australian Dental Council (ADC).  The next practical exam which is to be held under a completely revised and new pattern is to be held in less than four weeks in a ‘new purposely built centre’ that is yet to be accessed by the candidates. Despite such major reforms, the candidates are still awaiting definitive guidelines and information about the exam from the ADC. So far, the candidates have only been provided an interim handbook to refer to, which lacks information on:

·        what constitutes an overall pass,

·        the criteria that will be used to assess our tasks,

·        what constitutes pass or fail in a particular task,

·        what materials or equipment to expect in the exam.

The above lack of clear guidelines in such a major life changing exam is a source of ambiguity and immense angst for the candidates who have invested precious resources in the hope of passing this exam. This includes years of their lives and thousands of dollars, not to mention the toll, it has taken on their mental health and the pressure it has caused their families.  

The ADC should be fair and transparent in its dealings with the candidates and providing them with only an interim handbook to work from right up until less than four weeks before the exam lacks clear and concise information needed for such a major exam with such a low passing rate. I am sure that Australian Dental Universities conducting exams, would not take a similar approach and their candidates would be well aware in advance of what to expect and well versed with the criteria of each assessment task well in advance of their the exams. Unlike the overseas candidates, they would not be made to wait in anticipation less than four weeks before the exam for the release of a definitive handbook or referred to a website and asked to wait for a media release for answer to their queries. I hope that the ADC would take note and improve its communication and provide more open and timely information to the candidates who are in the process of the ADC exam. The candidates should not be disadvantaged due to lack of information, clear guidelines, what to expect in terms of criteria information on materials and equipment for the exam.  

At the very least, we ask the ADC to allow us to bring our own burs with us. This should not be a major issue as every dentist has a particular set of instrument they prefer to work with. Given the other ambiguities so close to the exam, the ADC should grant us the use of our own preferred burs and perhaps materials.