NBA Please Formally Review Controversial Ending of Game 1 of Warriors/Cavaliers

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On May 31, 2018 the Cleveland Cavaliers played a critical Game 1 at the Golden State Warriors home court.  Entering the game, the Cavaliers were big underdogs.   Despite this, they managed to maintain the lead for much of the game.   

Late in the fourth quarter however, things changed.  There was a play at which Durant drove the ball and Lebron took the charge, hence an offensive foul against Durant.  The officials reviewed it, and reversed the call.  This led to a 3 pt differential, because Durant missed his last free throw and a shot was tipped in.  So rather than the Cavaliers possibly taking a 2 possession lead, they were now down.  And then there was the missed timeout call that the officials didn't see....

There is something to be said in sports, when officials can impact a game this much, and get the call wrong this badly.  They need to take their jobs seriously.  We kindly ask the NBA to review the last several minutes in the 4th quarter of that game, as well as the officials who officiated the game.

We need to maintain a fair environment for both fans and players, and right now, the NBA is failing to do so.  This trend is sickening.   We urge change.

Additionally, we right this in support of the Cavaliers service dog, Remington, a golden retriever, that has been with the team on their postseason run.