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Make your banning practice transparent

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One of the foundations of a free society rests on the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty.

A recent wave of banned players on your Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer franchise has brought to light your banned player policy -- that decisions are final and irrevocable.

Not only are decisions final, but you provide no evidence whatsoever of the presumed wrong-doers actions that led to their being banned.

Your decisions have a cost.  Players spend money to buy your games and upgrades, and when they are banned from multiplayer they are deprived the use of those items they have paid for.  Players who have purchased a season pass and are subsequently banned are deprived of the full value of that pass.

Your policy is not appropriate in a free society.

This isn't about the guilt or innocence of any individual player.  This is about a fair, transparent process.

If your system for detecting cheaters is fool proof and perfect as you maintain, show the world how it works.  

If you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that every single person banned deserves their fate, show them the log files and other evidence that supports your decision.

This decade is the decade of corporate tranparency and openness.  Show your fans that you are a modern, forward thinking company, and publish your cheat detection system, and give supporting evidence to those players who are banned.

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