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Activision and any related parties: Bring Geometry Wars 2 retro Evolved to the STEAM / PC Platform!

I am a huge fan of Geometry Wars 2 - Retro Evolved, and Many other owners of the Xbox 360 version no longer use this system, or they are forced to keep this system running only to play this masterpiece of a game, OR they simply don't have the system anymore and are denied being able to enjoy it at all. The original version (geometry wars) IS available on STEAM currently and while it is enjoyed by many; it is significantly inferior game, lacking all of the fun additional modes the sequel offers.

In addition to this, Geometry Wars (the original) on Steam, is a very basic (read: poor) port, lacking leader-boards. We fans of the sequel would want the sequel brought into the STEAM/PC platform with the FULL treatment...including leader-boards, co-op/competitive play, etc...

ALSO something new requested would be incredible: ONLINE Multi-player would be a huge bonus for the loyal fans of this game!

As per the Wikipedia page for Geometry Wars 2 Retro Evolved:

"Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 received high marks from critics, who praised its multiple game modes while also collectively bemoaning the lack of online multiplayer. GameDaily raved in its perfect 10/10 review that the sequel "beats its predecessor in every way" and proclaimed it the best title on Xbox Live Arcade.[15] Eurogamer praised, "The omission of online play aside, Geometry Wars 2 is everything you hoped it would be" in its 9 of 10 review.[9] IGN, in its 8.3 of 10 review, called it "a solid sequel."[11] Videogamer raved in its 9 for 10 review, "If you love Geometry Wars you'll love this. If you've never played Geometry Wars before then now is a perfect time to do so."[16] GameSpot enthusiastically stated in its 9.0 of 10 review that the game "takes adrenaline-soaked, addictive shooters to a level of unprecedented awesomeness."

Please bring this game to STEAM, there is currently a petition thread in the STEAM forums for the original Geometry Wars for this, and there is over 220 posts (at the time of this petition starting) of fans of GW2 eagerly posting that they would love to buy this game if it should come to pass!

In conclusion and to summarize, we request in order of priority:

1. Geometry Wars 2 Retro Evolved be released on Steam/PC
2. That it contain full leader-board support
3. That it support LOCAL multi-player co-op/competitive as per the Xbox 360 version
4. That it support ONLINE multi-player co-op/competitive support (New!)

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