Attorney General: Appoint a New Special Counsel to Uncover the Truth

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Petition the Attorney General to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate criminal misconduct done to influence the 2016 presidential election through 1) the Clinton Email and Foundation investigations and 2) all aspects of the Trump/Russia collusion story and resulting FBI counterintelligence investigation.

A new Special Counsel is needed in addition to Robert Mueller to uncover the whole truth about the criminal conspiracy to influence the 2016 presidential election.   Mueller’s tiny scope consists of solely investigating Donald Trump and his associates, family and business for collusion with Russia.  A very large body of evidence indicates many people not covered in Mueller’s scope committed crimes to help elect Hillary Clinton president.  Mueller is not investigating Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the conspirators in the Obama administration such as James Comey and Loretta Lynch, for their criminal actions to influence the 2016 presidential campaign.  For example, a former attorney for President Trump, John Dowd, “told The Washington Times that Mr. Mueller informed him in August 2017 that there would be no investigation of Mr. Comey.”  


Factual Evidence Justifying a Special Counsel Investigation

Abundant factual evidence clearly indicates that high-level officials in the Obama administration criminally conspired to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election and harm Donald Trump in the Clinton email investigation, the Clinton Foundation investigation, and the Trump/Russia collusion story and investigation:


Clinton Email Investigation

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey conducted a sham investigation, led by the extremely biased Peter Strzok, with a preordained exoneration outcome.

These conspirators did not use a grand jury in order to 1) avoid a grand jury indictment and 2) avoid having grand jury subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify.  The DOJ granted many unnecessary immunity deals as a bribe to assure no witnesses testified against Clinton, and the DOJ did not prosecute witnesses for perjury.  Comey falsely claimed that the witnesses would not cooperate without immunity, but he could have subpoenaed them to testify.

Examples of the conspirators’ corruption of the justice process during the Clinton email investigation include:

  • Illegally permitted Clinton’s aides to represent her as attorneys
  • Conspired with defense attorneys to hide obstruction of justice evidence
  • Permitted a false attorney-client privilege between Clinton and her aides
  • Conspired with defense attorneys to destroy evidence
  • Permitted subjects of the investigation to attend Clinton’s interview

Two months prior to the end of the email investigations, Comey prepared a draft statement exonerating Hillary Clinton.  This was before the investigators interviewed 17 key witnesses, including Clinton, her aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, and Paul Combetta, who destroyed subpoenaed emails on Clinton’s server.  It was also before the DOJ entered into immunity agreements with Mills and Samuelson. In granting immunity, the DOJ agreed: 1) to a very limited review of Clinton’s emails to exclude evidence on the illegal email destruction and 2) to destroy their laptops after review. Comey’s Chief of Staff, James Rybicki, testified that they knew in April or early May “where the outcome of the investigation was going to go.”  How was this possible without examining the 30,000 emails not destroyed or interviewing most of the key witnesses? The answer is that the FBI and DOJ planned from the beginning to exonerate Clinton.

During an investigation of Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, for sexting with a minor, the FBI’s New York Office discovered hundreds of thousands of Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop, and promptly informed the FBI’s Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, and two FBI Executive Assistant Directors on September 28, 2016.  McCabe informed Comey at the time.  Comey and McCabe ignored the Clinton emails on the Abedin/Wiener computer until the SDNY filed a complaint about their lack of action. Comey was also worried about a leak from the FBI’s New York office, so he sent a letter to Congress on October 28 reopening the Clinton email investigation. 

Comey blatantly lied to Congress in a second letter he sent on November 6, 2016, two days before the election, stating that the “FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. During that process, we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.”  In fact, the FBI only reviewed 3,077 of the 694,000 emails and Blackberry communications for classified or incriminating information. Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt.  Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges without investigating the vast majority of her emails and Blackberry communications.

It is a virtual certainty that a grand jury would have indicted Clinton for gross negligence in the mishandling of classified information based on the overwhelming evidence that Comey himself presented at his July 5, 2016 press conference. The Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C. § 793(f) of the federal penal code, specifies “gross negligence” in mishandling classified information is a felony, and, contrary to Comey’s exoneration statement, does not require proof of intent.

Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic nominee if Clinton had been indicted.  Polls showed Sanders doing significantly better than Clinton in a Trump matchup, so Bernie Sanders may well have been the president today instead of Donald Trump if not for the FBI and DOJ’s criminal conspiracy to wrongfully exonerate Clinton so that she could be the Democratic presidential candidate.


Clinton Foundation Investigation

FBI agents on the Clinton Foundation case in the SDNY office requested prosecutors in the EDNY to review the emails on Mills’ and Samuelson’s nongovernment laptop computers acquired in the Clinton email investigation. After prosecutors at the EDNY refused, the FBI agents requested permission to ask federal prosecutors in SDNY. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe obstructed their investigation by denying their request.

On August 12, 2016, the DOJ’s third-highest official dramatically expressed concerns to McCabe about FBI agents taking overt steps in the Clinton Foundation investigation during the presidential campaign.  McCabe admitted that the Clinton Foundation investigation was validly predicated (i.e., justified by the evidence), but it was shut down anyway.


Trump/Russia Collusion Story and Investigation

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause…”  Conspirators in the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community continually and illegally violated this Amendment in an attempt to harm Donald Trump with the false Trump/Russia collusion story in order to help Clinton win the presidency.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) began concocting the Trump/Russia collusion story in 2015 with the help of officials in the Obama administration.  Comey allowed private contractors to perform illegal searches in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) 702 database, which allowed the contractors to illegally spy on U.S. citizens without being traced. The contractors were reported to be associated with Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign. Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor, and others unmasked the names of Trump campaign members caught in the incidental FISA surveillance collection of foreign nationals.  European intelligence agencies began to spy on the Trump campaign in 2015 and provide information to the CIA.


Comey and Lynch used Sergei Millian’s allegations of Trump/Russia Collusion

The DNC’s cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, determined the Russian government hacked its computer network in April 2016. Hillary Clinton and the DNC, chaired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the time, plotted to blame the hack on the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. The Clinton campaign and the DNC hired Fusion GPS, headed by Glenn Simpson, to create false evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Simpson hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, to fabricate the evidence. Steele created 35 reports, known as the Steele dossier, containing the false evidence. Clinton and the DNC had Simpson and Steele give the dossier to the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the State Department, and the media in order to help Clinton win the election.

In the dossier, Source E, “an ethnic Russian close associate [of Trump],” alleges that Paul Manafort used Carter Page in a “well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between them and the Russian leadership” that included hacking the DNC computer system, and publishing the stolen DNC emails on WikiLeaks.  Comey and Peter Strzok relied on Source E’s allegations to justify their July 31, 2016 counterintelligence investigation into links between Trump’s campaign and Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Source E is Sergei Millian.  Millian is a small-time self-promoter with no association with Donald Trump or his campaign.  Although Millian’s allegations are easily disprovable, Comey and Strzok chose not to investigate them so they could use them.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and FBI collected extensive and very detailed evidence proving 12 Russian military intelligence officers (GRU) located in a specific Moscow building hacked the DNC computer system in 2016 and stole the emails.  The evidence includes private messages Julian Assange sent requesting the GRU to provide him with the emails for publication on WikiLeaks prior to the Democratic National Convention.  Assange explained “we think trump has only a 25% chance of winning against hillary . . . so conflict between bernie and hillary is interesting.”    Rosenstein transferred the evidence from the DOJ to Mueller in March 2018 so the Special Counsel would get credit for indicting the 12 GRU officers.  The evidence in Mueller’s July 2018 indictment irrefutably proves that Donald Trump and his campaign did not coordinate the DNC hacks or publication of the emails on WikiLeaks with the Russian government. 

When Carter Page and Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 as unpaid volunteers, the GRU was already in the process of hacking the DNC computer system according to Mueller’s indictment.  The GRU began preparations for the very sophisticated hack months prior to March (e.g., they leased computer servers in several states to use in the hack).  Millian’s claim that Page and Manafort coordinated the hack with Russia is ludicrous.  Manafort was in a rehabilitation clinic in 2015, due to an emotional breakdown and contemplated suicide, at about the same time Russia began planning their 2016 computer DNC and RNC hacking operations.

Bruce Ohr was the Associate Deputy Attorney General, the fourth-highest ranking DOJ official.  Simpson and Steele are close friends with Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr.  Oleg Deripaska is a Russian billionaire and close confidante to Putin.  The State Department had revoked Deripaska’s visa.  Incredibly Steele, a British national, was working closely with Bruce Ohr to arrange Deripaska’s visa for a trip to the U.S. 

Sergei Millian was Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele’s dupe.  Millian attended an international economic forum in St Petersburg, Russia in mid-June 2016.  A photo shows Millian in a small group discussion with Deripaska and Julia Chatterley, a CNBC news anchor who moderated events at the conference.  What are the odds that out of 10,000 people at the forum, a very unsuccessful small business owner, Millian, meets with one of the most powerful people in Russia, who is angry at Trump’s campaign manager and working with Steele on a visa issue? Steele obviously set Millian up by getting him to attend the forum so that Deripaska and Steele’s Russian intermediaries could feed him false allegations that Millian would then regurgitate to Steele’s “collectors.” Steele began including Millian’s allegations in the dossier two days after the forum ended, and met with an FBI agent in Rome on July 5, 2016 to discuss the Trump/Russia collusion allegations. 

Steele needed a replacement to serve as Trump’s Russia coordinator after Manafort and Page left the team, so he chose Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, as the unsuspecting prey. Steele falsely accuses Cohen of meeting with Russian government officials in Prague to discuss hiding Trump and Russia’s payments to hackers for their work against the Clinton campaign.  Steele falsely accuses Aleksej Gubarev and Seva Kaptsugovich as the hackers.  Comey said that the Steele dossier’s allegations are unverified, so clearly the FBI did not attempt to look into these easily disprovable allegations.  Cohen was never in Prague.  Gubarev is the millionaire owner of a large computer services company.  Gubarev sued Steele for defamation and Steele admitted in court that he never verified the information.  Kaptsugovich is a convicted Russian pedophile serving an 18-year sentence since 2013 in a remote penal colony 500 miles from Moscow.  Kaptsugovich has no access to the internet, a computer or a mobile phone.  Mueller’s evidence incontrovertibly proves that 12 specifically named Russian intelligence officers hacked the DNC computer system and stole the emails, and Julian Assange was the only person they coordinated with – not anyone from the Trump campaign.


The DOJ and FBI vilely harmed the innocent Carter Page and George Papadopoulos

Carter Page had worked for Merrill Lynch in Russia on energy projects, and now had his own energy consulting firm specializing in Russian projects.  Page, a Navy veteran, had been on John McCain’s presidential election campaign team, and he joined Trump’s campaign team in March 2016.  Beginning in 2013, Page was an FBI undercover employee working to gather evidence, including recorded conversations, on suspected Russian spies in New York.  The FBI arrested Evgeny Buryakov, a Russian banker, in January 2015 based on the recorded conversation evidence and Page’s witness testimony. Buryakov pled guilty in March 11, 2016. The FBI and federal prosecutors had a final meeting with Page on this case in March 2016. In May 2016, the court sentenced Buryakov to 30 months in prison for conspiring to work for Russian intelligence. 

Comey, Strzok, and the DOJ knew the patriotic Page very well because of his help as an FBI undercover employee over a 3-year period.  They vilely plotted to turn Page from a hero into a Russian agent when Trump announced on March 21, 2016 that Page joined his team.  Shortly after the announcement, Comey held a meeting to discuss the news of Page joining the Trump campaign and how he may be “compromised” by the Russians.  Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, and the Obama administration’s highest-ranking national-security officials Susan Rice, John Brennan, and James Clapper attended the briefing. 

In order to build his false Russia collusion evidence, Steele desperately needed a Trump campaign team member to go to Russia.  Page was a vulnerable target because he criticized US policy on Russia, he boasted of nonexistent accomplishments and government contacts in Russia, and he travelled to Russia for his business.  The New Economic School of Moscow (NES) is a private graduate school of economics dependent on private funding. NES has a history of exceptionally distinguished commencement speakers. For example, President Obama in 2009, the former Mexican president, Ernesto Zedillo, in 2013, and the world-famous economist, Branko Milanovic, in 2018. High level Russian government officials attend the commencement ceremonies.  Carter Page is remarkably undistinguished and somewhat offbeat, yet in April 2016, one month after he joined the Trump campaign, the NES extended an invitation for him to be its commencement speaker in July.  Since the invitation occurred at the time Steele was helping Deripaska with his visa, one can deduce that Deripaska was involved in “convincing” the NES to invite Page.

In June 2016, the DOJ and FBI submitted an application for a FISA warrant to surveille Carter Page as an alleged Russian agent. The FISA court turned down the application, which is very rare. There was no probable cause to spy on Carter Page because he helped the FBI and DOJ from 2013 through March 2016 to convict a Russian spy. Peter Strzok and John Carlin of the DOJ headed this investigation, so they knew Carter Page very well and how he fulfilled his patriotic duty to help them. In spite of this, they submitted an application for a FISA warrant to surveille Page as a suspected Russian agent, knowing there was no probable cause since Page helped them with the Russian spy investigation.  Carlin and Strzok used Steele’s dossier allegations as evidence in the application and knowingly deceived the FISA court by not stating the dossier’s allegations were unverified and funded by Clinton and the DNC. McCabe testified “that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.” The FISA court approved the warrant on October 19, 2016.

In May 2016, the FBI spy, Stefan Halper, invited Stephen Miller, a high-level Trump campaign adviser, to attend a Cambridge University conference in London. Miller declined the invitation.  This was two months before the FBI initiated the Trump/Russia investigation.  Halper also invited Page to attend the conference with all expenses paid, and Page did attend.  Halper would remain in contact with Page until the last surveillance warrant, approved by Rod Rosenstein, expired in September 2017.

When Comey and Lynch briefed President Obama’s top security officials about Carter Page and assigned Stefan Halper to spy on Carter Page, Simpson and Steele were contemporaneously working with Deripaska to invite Page to Russia and to feed false allegations to Sergei Millian about Page.

George Papadopoulos joined the Trump campaign team as an unpaid volunteer adviser in March 2016.  He was located in London at the time.  On March 14, Joseph Mifsud, a covert agent with intelligence links in the U.K., began an entrapment operation to make it appear that Papadopoulos and the Trump campaign team were colluding with Russia. Mifsud informed Papadopoulos that Russia had Clinton emails, and an Australian ambassador with strong links to U.K. intelligence, Alexander Downer, then got Papadopoulos to repeat Mifsud’s claim.  Downer communicated this to the FBI through the State Department rather than following the proper protocol of informing the CIA’s station chief in London, Gina Haspel.  Stefan Halper, Azra Turk, and Sergei Millian also attempted to entrap Papadopoulos into the appearance of Trump/Russia collusion.  Vincenzo Scotti, a former Italian minster, told Mifsud to go into hiding when his name was revealed after Mueller’s indictment of Papadopoulos.  A friend said that Mifsud was given a new identity, and is staying “at a nice place,” which confirms that Mifsud was working as a western covert agent – not a Russian agent.


Glenn Simpson colluded with Russians to entrap Donald Trump Jr.

The Magnitsky Act is a U.S. law that blocks entry into the US and freezes the assets of specified Russian government officials and businessmen accused of human rights violations.  Putin was very upset when it was passed and called it "a purely political, unfriendly act." Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-American lobbyist, said that he “knows” Hillary Clinton and has a personal relationship with her that dates back to the late-1990s.  Akhmetshin hired Simpson, a close friend, in 2016 to work on a campaign to repeal the Magnitsky Act.  A very politically influential Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, also hired Simpson to lobby against the Magnitsky Act.

Aras Agalarov is an Azerbaijani billionaire oligarch with ties to Putin. He paid Donald Trump $20 million to host the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, which featured Agarolov’s son, Emin, as a singer. Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. became friends of the Agalarov family and Emin’s British music promoter, Rob Goldstone. Glenn Simpson worked with Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin in a cunning plot to entrap Trump Jr. into the appearance of colluding with the Russian government.  Goldstone sent Trump Jr. an email request for a meeting because “The Crown prosecutor of Russia … offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia.” Trump Jr., a politically naïve young businessman, replied "Seems we have some time and if it's what you say I love it."  Six days later on June 9, 2016, a meeting took place in Trump Tower. Trump Jr. had Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort attend the meeting. Goldstone brought with him Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin, and two other people. Veselnitskaya had no information damaging Russian information on Clinton, and she immediately talked about the Magnitsky Act using documents Simpson had prepared for her.  Goldstone later described the meeting as a “a bait and switch.”

All of the people at the meeting later testified before Congress. It is crystal clear based on the testimony that Simpson orchestrated the meeting to frame Trump Jr. by making it appear that he was colluding with Russia to get ‘dirt’ on Clinton. Goldstone testified:

  • I received — I received the call from Emin that morning, and he asked me if I could contact the Trumps with something interesting and said that a well-connected Russian attorney [Veselnitskaya] had met with his father that morning in his father’s office and had told him that they had some interesting information that could potentially be damaging regarding funding by Russians to the Democrats and to its candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Veselnitskaya, in her written responses to the Judiciary Committee, verified that she was the well-connected Russian attorney who had met with Aras Agalarov to request the meeting with Trump Jr.  Veselnitskaya wrote that her June 9 meeting at Trump Tower "was not a 'meeting with the Trump campaign.'" She said she expected it to be "a private meeting with Donald Trump, Jr."  Veselnitskaya described Aras Agalarov as a good friend, and said Emin Agarolov helped to arrange the meeting. Veselnitskaya told the Wall Street Journal that she approached Russian real estate magnate Aras Agalarov, whom she was representing, to help set up a meeting as part of her efforts opposing the Magnitsky Act.

Simpson met with Veselnitskaya the day before and the day of the Trump Jr. meeting.  Ed Lieberman is very good friends with the Clintons. Lieberman’s late wife Evelyn previously served as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff when she was First Lady. Evelyn Lieberman also served as Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. The day after the meeting Simpson had dinner with Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin, and Ed Lieberman.  Simpson was simultaneously working for Clinton, the Democrats through the DNC, Akhmetshin and Veselnitskaya. This is yet another instance of Clinton and the Democrats/DNC conspiring with Russians to create false evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.


 Clinton and the Democrats conspired with the FBI and DOJ

Hillary Clinton, through the Clinton campaign, and the Democrats, through the DNC, hired Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to fabricate false evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.  Among the people Clinton and the Democrats used to create the false evidence were: 1) former and current Russian officials, as Steele asserts in the dossier, 2) Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to Putin, 3) a British national, Christopher Steele, and 4) Natalia Veselnitskaya, an influential Russian attorney.  Clinton and the Democrats coordinated with Russia to influence the election – not Donald Trump! 

Clinton and the Democrats conspired with the DOJ and the FBI to help Clinton win the presidency and harm Donald Trump by using the dossier’s false and easily disprovable evidence.  For example, the Perkins Coie attorney, Michael Sussman, provided the FBI’s General Counsel, James Baker, with documents and a thumb drive on Russian hacking and Trump’s connections. Obviously Sussman would do this only at the instruction of his clients, Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Bruce Ohr had no responsibility for the Trump/Russia investigation, but Steele met with him many times about it.  Beginning in late July 2016, Ohr informed the FBI of Steele’s allegations in various meetings with McCabe, Strzok, and FBI attorney Lisa Page. Simpson hired Nellie Ohr, a Russia expert, to work on the Clinton/DNC false evidence project.

A close friend of the Clintons, Cody Shearer, wrote a memo on Trump/Russia collusion that was given to Steele, who forwarded it to the FBI. Shearer is dubbed "the fixer" because he has helped the Clintons for decades. Another close Clinton friend, Sidney Blumenthal was involved by passing Shearer's memo to Jonathan Winer, a State Department special envoy. Winer then passed it to Steele. The only way Shearer and Blumenthal would know about Steele's secret dossier work on Trump/Russia collusion would be through their friend, Hillary Clinton. This and other evidence support the conclusion that Hillary Clinton was directly involved in the creation, dissemination, and use of the Steele dossier.

Clinton and the Democrats paid Christopher Steele $160,000 for his work to fabricate the easily disprovable Trump/Russia collusion dossier allegations.  Steele revealed his mission when he confided to Bruce Ohr that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.”  Clinton and the Democrats had Steele and Simpson promulgate the dossier allegations to the media prior to the election.  Clinton and her campaign highlighted Trump/Russia collusion, and the FBI leaked information about it to the media.  Clinton and the Democrats’ fraudulent Trump/Russia collusion story, developed in collaboration with Russians, caused an unknown millions of votes to be cast for Clinton instead of Trump. 

Clinton, the DNC/Democrats, Comey, Lynch, Strzok and the other conspirators betrayed the United States by using the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community as a political weapon to help elect Hillary Clinton president and to harm her political opponent, Donald Trump. This is the very definition of a police state.  They almost succeeded in destroying the democratic election process and getting Clinton elected through the fraudulent Trump/Russia collusion story. 

The conspirators believed that Clinton would win the election and they would then be rewarded for their efforts and their crimes covered up.  Comey publicly stated that he reopened the email investigation because he believed Clinton would win and addressing emails on Abedin’s laptop prior to the election would forestall any questions on her legitimacy as president. 


A New Special Counsel is Absolutely Needed to Find the Truth

The Attorney General should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate criminal misconduct in the Clinton Email and Foundation investigations and the Trump/Russia collusion story and resulting investigation.

Since Special Counsels/Independent Counsels have always abused their authority, they should arguably never be used.  However, this conspiracy is a perfect storm, and a Special Counsel is absolutely needed for the following reasons:

  1. A Special Counsel is needed because the DOJ and FBI have proven that they cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.  They stonewalled providing documents requested by Congress and heavily and unnecessarily redacted documents finally provided. Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, writes that the “outrageous redactions” to conceal the truth about their actions indicates that “the Justice Department and the FBI cannot be trusted to decide what the public gets to learn about their decision-making.”
  2. A Special Counsel is required to help prevent interference and influence from the legislative and executive branches since the investigation will have great political consequences.
  3. The Special Counsel team should be drawn from DOJ districts and FBI offices throughout the nation to assure the American people of a fair investigation and preclude bias in any one organization.  Prosecutors and agents from the Washington D.C. DOJ and FBI headquarters, the Washington D.C. DOJ district, and the DOJ and FBI Southern District of New York and Eastern District of New York should be excluded from the team, since these organizations would be under investigation.
  4. A Special Counsel is needed due to the tremendous breadth of the conspiracy extending to the highest levels of government in multiple countries.  a) The conspiracy includes people in high positions at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, DHS, NSA, State Department, and others. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said that Hillary Clinton's campaign "colluded" with nearly every top official in the Justice Department and FBI, b) The conspiracy is international and includes people in the UK, Russia, Australia, Italy and other countries, c) The investigation may implicate former President Barack Obama, the former head of the British GCHQ intelligence agency, and an Australian ambassador. 

The conspirators’ objective was to elect Hillary Clinton president by 1) wrongfully exonerating her in the email investigation, 2) terminating the validly predicated Clinton Foundation investigation, and 3) harming candidate Trump by creating the false story that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the DNC emails and publish them on WikiLeaks.  The Special Counsel’s scope should include all three investigations because they are interconnected. 


Petition for the Attorney General to Appoint a New Special Counsel

This is a petition for the Attorney General (currently Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker) to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate criminal misconduct in the Clinton Email and Foundation investigations and all aspects of the Trump/Russia collusion story and resulting FBI counterintelligence investigation.

In their failed attempt to help Clinton win the presidential election, the conspirators drastically changed the 2016 presidential election results in two ways: 

  1. Polls showed Sanders doing significantly better than Clinton in a Trump matchup, so Bernie Sanders may well have been the president today instead of Donald Trump if not for the FBI and DOJ’s sham email investigation with the preordained exoneration.
  2. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats through the DNC, and the Obama administration conspirators changed the election outcome by widely disseminating the false Trump/Russia collusion narrative that convinced unknown millions of people to vote for Clinton instead of Trump.

The conspirators used the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community as a political weapon in an attempt to elect Hillary Clinton president.  Although this is by far the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States, it remains largely hidden. A recent poll found that eighty-five percent of Democrats believe Russia hacked the DNC emails to help Trump win the presidential election.  Nothing significant is being done to discover the truth. 

Consider the question:  Since a Democratic administration wielded the justice system against the Republican presidential candidate in 2016, is it acceptable for the Republican administration to do the same against the Democrats in 2020?  The vast majority of Americans of all political affiliations would answer ‘No’ and agree that neither a Republican or a Democratic administration should use the justice system to interfere with elections to help their candidate get elected.

Our freedom in the United States is based on the Constitution and justice system.  James Madison said “Justice is the end of government” and “ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.”   We have a stark choice. Do we docilely ignore the political weaponization of the justice system in 2016 and accept this as the new reality or do we join together and raise our voices to preserve our precious democratic elections and equal justice for all?

If the latter, please sign this petition for the Attorney General to appoint a new special counsel to uncover the truth.