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The Army Corps of Engineers and the state Department of Environmental Protection, partners in the beach replenishment project, have ignored the public trust doctrine in their current insensitive and destructive dredging.  When dredging first fouled the ocean beaches in Ortley Beach and Lavallette in mid-July by discharging wood, peat and darkened water onto beaches where thousands swim, Army Corps and DEP officials said that peat discharges are common in dredging for replenishment.  The DEP project manager told a resident  to “get used to it.”  Both agencies lightly dismissed the dirtied water as just a nuisance.
The National Environmental Policy Act is embedded in our processes since 1969 and requires government to evaluate and reduce the negative impacts of federal projects. The Clean Water Act has prohibited discharges into our waters since 1972.  Under the guise of an emergency and by fear mongering, the Corps and the DEP have violated the public trust and our essential environmental protection laws.  
The dredging MUST STOP NOW for the ACOE anx DEP to exercise meaningful efforts to mitigate the ongoing harm.Beach/Ocean Bathers should not have to "get used" to dirty water.