The “Ace Cabs Inc” can’t shut down accessible cabs

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There are many reasons why accessible cabs should continue to stay open rather than getting shut down at the end of September. It’s brutal to be outside in the cold weather for 5 minutes at times, could you imagine getting stuck outside in a wheelchair in the winter? Just to get somewhere, like a doctors or dentist appointment, etc (those are essentials!). Trying to motor it yourself or push yourself... that’s important some days living in Collingwood Ontario, we get 70.8 cm of snow.. that’s just the average.. at times it’s a much larger number! Accessible Cabs need to be around in the winter at the very least! 

The population will continue to grow. What will happen when we have more individuals who need to get around in an accessible cab? The Ace Cab Inc will have to start back up again, why take it away for the time being? There are multiple people who need it currently. 

This petition is to simply have ONE accessible cab on the go, it’s completely understandable that there isn’t enough fundings.. but there are so many people who would love to help raise money to keep the accessible cab/cabs running! An accessible cab doesn’t always need to be used for a handicap individual. There are 3-4 spots people can use for a regular pick up, the cab company always asks for how many people will be in the vehicle.. there isn’t an excuse for the accessible cabs to be shut down. Please sign this petition if you believe it’s unfair.. we all need to be treated the same.

Lastly the person in this motorized wheelchair is an amazing man, he’s always putting a smile on someone’s face. He’s full of laughter and has a heart of gold. He uses the accessible cab quite often when his wheelchair dies or when it’s winter and has to get around.. don’t take this away. Please, you’d be taking away so many opportunities for him and others to get around.. to go to appointments and to see our beautiful world.