Hold Cheaton Cup 2019 on a Weekend

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Cheaton Cup is on a WEDNESDAY? Here is why that is a poor decision:

I completely understand the goals that the ASU are trying to reach in making this decision, and I agree with the premise. Safe alcohol and substance use as well as sexual violence prevention, harms reduction and respect to our greater wolfville community are important values which should be promoted and upheld. That being said,the decision to hold this incredible event in the middle of the week will backfire, and lead to the opposite effect that the University and the ASU are trying to cause.

Although the original intent of Cheaton cup was as a fundraising event, it is no secret that it has become an event which, for many, includes a large amount of partying involving alcohol, and even other substances for some. Many students choose to start their drinking quite early on Cheaton, and my first concern is that having class that day will not deter said students. My prediction is that many students who chose to partake in these activities will either skip class completely, or drink before/during class in order to keep up with those who are skipping. Students who enjoy partaking in the events to this degree will not be deterred by this decision. Furthermore, those students who chose to drink or use substances on Cheaton that decide to wait until after their classes have finished will likely be encouraged to consume said substances at a highly accelerated pace, due to their 'late start' compared to those who chose to start early. As successful as the keep it social campaign has been, students who chose to drink will definitely drink faster if they wait until after class, and that rate will increase the later in the day that said classes finish. Holding Cheaton in the evening will also lead to some of those students who chose to partake in the partying aspect skipping class the next day.

Cheaton is an event that is well renowned in the maritime provinces as a whole, not just to the Acadia community, and many come from far and wide to participate in this event. Holding the event on a Wednesday will not deter these visitors from arriving and partaking. 

Something that I value greatly as an Acadia student is our great relationship with the Wolfville Community. As somebody who lived in Dennis House in my frosh year, I am no stranger to how some people act when under the influence (re: my $145 unclaimed damage bill). I am concerned that students who partake in alcohol use during the day on Cheaton will take these destructive acts to the community as a form of angry, drunken protest to this decision. Jerks will be jerks, regardless of the day.

Lastly, the main purpose of Cheaton is, of course, the fundraising aspect. Holding the event on a weekday means a higher percentage of the general population will be preoccupied during the event and harder to reach for fundraisers, and many will be unable contribute due to work and other commitments. 

Holding Cheaton on a weekend is the best decision, for students, for staff, for the community, and for the organisations we are fundraising for.