Invite Tommy Wiseau To The Academy Awards

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are the genius' behind the hit cult film "The Room", which was released over a decade ago in the year 2003.

The film has since gained a huge cult following, and has become so popular that it has been supported from the likes of many, many celebrities, from actors like Paul Rudd, Mark Hamill, Kristen Bell, Danny McBride, etc., to that of directors like JJ Abrams, Edgar Wright, etc...

Years later, one of the men behind "The Room", Greg Sestero, co-wrote a genius book entitled "The Disaster Artist", about the making of "The Room". The book was a NY Times Bestseller and led to a revitalization of the cultural phenomenon that is "The Room".

"The Disaster Artist" was then adapted into a screenplay, for which documented the creation of "The Room" through the eyes of Tommy and Greg. James Franco and Seth Rogan purchased the right to the script and created "The Disaster Artist", an A24 film that grossed about $30 Million on a $10 Million dollar budget. That particular film stars James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, Dave Franco as Greg Sestero, and a supporting cast that includes Seth Rogan, Paul Shieer, etc. 

The film got many nods at the Golden Globes, which included a Best Actor nod for James Franco, and Greg and Tommy were able to go on stage. It was a glorious moment that was emotional for Tommy, who always wanted to one day make an appearance at both the Golden Globes and The Academy Awards...

However, the film was snubbed out of catagories such as Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, etc., and only got one nomination, which was for adapted screenplay. It was not the turnout that fans were looking for, but the assumption was that at the very least, Tommy and Greg would still be able to appear. However, that is not the case, as they have not been invited! 

Please sign this petition to help try and bring Greg and Tommy to the Oscars! Tommy Wiseau is commonly perceived as a man of comedy, but beyond all that, he represents Positivity, Love, Hope, and Peace. He is the role model that The Academy needs to showcase. All their lives, Tommy and Greg have just wanted two things: to succeed in Hollywood, and to finally make it to the Oscars. They have a hit film already (The Room) and another film coming out soon (Best F(r)iends), so their dream of success has come true. Now all they need is to get that Oscar invitation!

Sign this petition, and make sure Tommy and Greg get the last laugh, so hopefully, we can all look back on this and say: "Haha, what a story Oscars!" 

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