Keep ASHS, Abington Senior High School

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As many of you know, we have been notified that on March 27, 2018 the Abington School Board voted to change the name of Abington Senior High School to Abington Schwarzman High School as a return for a "gift" from Mr. Schwarzman of $25 million dollars. While taxpayers appreciate the gift, and what that will bring to our school in addition to the already approved school tax increase, we believe changing the school name to reflect this "gift" is unnecessary and extreme. Furthermore, as taxpayers, it was grossly negligent that the School board knew about this stipulation and did not release that information. This item was added to the meeting agenda three hours prior to the vote leaving no room for input from taxpayers which total more than $120 million dollars of annual income, parents, students, or alumni. This deal was made behind a closed door and the agreement has not and will not be released without a Right to Know request. As Taxpayers, alumni and parents, we urge you to sign this petition letting the elected board know that we their constituents demand to be informed of changes to our district before a vote is made, and to inform them that we demand a transparent process.